Should I Enroll My Child in A Forest School?

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Should I Enroll My Child in A Forest School?

In the Scandinavian world forest schools are no novelty. The first forest play groups were created by the Danish back in the 1950s. Since then this is concept has appealed to many others, and now the schooling method has been successfully transplanted to other European countries.

The concept of forest schools is that the children spend their entire day in the forest and they learn in the open, instead of being confined in a classroom. This applies both to days when the weather is nice, but also for the days when it is rather cold. The only exception when the children go inside is for sleeping and when there are storms.dsc_0037


Children have the inner need to connect with the nature, as all people have, and this schooling method provides them not only with the opportunity to spend their day in the open, but also to learn from the nature and to be a part of the nature. This method brings children closer to nature in a time when we are so far away from nature and its ways. The children will learn to climb the trees, to recognize birds by their songs, to recognize plants, and follow the trails of animals.

The advantages of this method are numerous, but there are also a few concerns parents might have about this schooling method.dscf0040

Will My Child Be Safe?

Parents might be worried that their children are not safe in these schools and that a lot of dangers are lurking in the forest. The safety of children is by far the greatest concern for all the people who are in employed in education. Clearly, different schools and different methods for that matter, do not have the same degree of safety when it comes to providing safety to schoolchildren, and even though I cannot speak for all the schools out there, I can safely say that the majority of schools be it regular schools, or forest schools, are concerned with your children’s safety. That is to say, they will try to provide it the highest level of safety there is for your child. Still, it is highly advisable that you check the safety levels of the school you plan on your child to attend and of course remember, bad things can happen even in regular schools and on regular playgrounds.9C80ECC0090474C474815582BB52BF82

What Will My Child Learn?

Furthermore, a lot of parents might be worried with the level of knowledge these schools will provide to their children. Similarly, as with the previous concern, it is not safe to categorize all schools and label their curriculum as good or bad without any previous knowledge about those schools, their methods and other relevant knowledge. Therefore, the best advice I can give to you is to gather some information about the school curriculums, which they offer, compare them to other schools, and this might be the safest way for you to know that your child is getting to education it deserves.