Common Parenting Traps And How to Avoid Them

Common Parenting Traps And How to Avoid Them

Having children is not an easy task. There are many traps to watch out for if you’re a parent. Sometimes it’s a pity children don’t come with a manual! But, since they don’t, you will have to try your best to be the best parent you can be. Even though you are bound to make some mistakes while raising your children, there are also many mistakes which you can avoid. Keep in mind that your children will one day be people, and that your main task is to make good people. The validation of raising a good person is the greatest reward any parent might ever live to have.

Here are some of the common parenting traps that you should try to avoid:OBESITY0204A

Dealing With Child’s Obesity

It can be difficult for a parent to deal with the child’s obesity. A lot of parents will deny that their child is overweight. Instead, they will blame it on the genetics, their unusual body type, or simply by stating that they are still growing and that they will grow out of it. You should know that by doing this you are not doing a favor to your child. Quite the contrary, you can create serious damage both to your child’s self-esteem and health if you continue to deny that your child is overweight. Because of obesity, your child can develop other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Instead of denying such a condition, you should motivate your child to get in shape. You can’t put them in a waist trainer or get them lifting weights, but you can teach them how to eat healthily and how to exercise properly.

Following Through

three_parenting_traps_postAvoid any situations where your child might be the witness of you saying one thing and doing something completely different. This is certainly the fastest way of having your child not listening to you and are doing one thing and saying something completely different. Therefore, try to practice what you preach. Your child is a reflection of you. If you want your child to be consistent and to listen to you, in return you have to be consistent and be a good role model to your child.

Watch Your Mouth

0,,16714165_303,00You should definitely watch you language and what you say in front of your child. Children are like little sponges, they hear and see everything even when you think they are not listening or looking. The last thing you need is for your child to start swearing, because they heard you swear.


Avoid being nagging or critical with your child. Children are tender and delicate, serious criticism can ruin their self-esteem and it can demotivate them.Safian-Web-Article-Image17-Mistakes-Apr-15-2012 Focus on the positive parts, compliment your child for doing something and praise them. By focusing on what is good, you are sending your child a positive message, instead of a negative one. Another thing to avoid is irony. Cynicism might be a way to express your thoughts to other adults, but children are not mature enough to understand such comments, and they just might confuse them entirely.

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